Mobile commerce is growing in power within the retail industry

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Report shows that retailers have high hopes for e-commerce in the coming years, especially as mobile shopping surges

Boston Retail Partners has released a new report that predicts strong growth in mobile shopping next year. The report shows that 85% of retailers believe that they will see a significant increase in their e-commerce sales next year, with mobile shopping contributing heavily to this growth. Retailers are beginning to focus more heavily on mobile consumers, largely due to the fact that these consumers are often shopping and are willing to spend more money via their mobile devices.

Consumers are pressuring retailers to become more mobile-centric for the sake of a better shopping experience

Mobile consumers have more power than ever. With mobile devices, consumers can shop wherever and whenever they want, as long as they have a connection to the Internet. As such, retailers have begun to cater to these consumers, hoping to provide them with convenient services that they are interested in. Mobile shoppers are pressuring retailers to become more mobile-centric and many retailers have been swayed by this pressure, incorporating new mobile commerce solutions into their overall business.

Retailers are moving toward a unified commerce platform in order to ensure maximum engagement

Mobile commerce shopping trendsThe report shows that 43% of retailers claimed that providing a consistent experience for consumers across a multitude of channels is a major priority. Retailers also want to improve the mobile shopping experience of their customers by improving mobile site navigation and making it easier for consumers to purchase products with their smartphones and tablets. Approximately 78% of retailers plan to have a unified commerce platform, which incorporates all primary channels, in place within the next five years.

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum throughout the retail industry

Mobile commerce has become a very powerful force in the retail space. Consumers have proven more willing to do their shopping on mobile devices in recent years, though physical stores remain dominant when it comes to shopping overall. In the coming years, this may change, as consumers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices to get their shopping done.

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