Mobile technology adoption pushes in-store sales down among unprepared retailers

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Experts are cautioning retailers that if they want to remain open, mobile features are not optional. This last holiday shopping season saw a decline in in-store shopping that many are blaming on mobile technology adoption. In fact, the spending in retail businesses during that season it its slowest since 2012 in many markets such as in the United Kingdom. That said, while some retailers suffered, others found that they were using smartphones to bring customers in. Mobile technology adoption has presented a considerable challenge to the entire retail industry. That…

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QR code usage gets a solid boost through mobile retail

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As shoppers head to their smartphone as a part of their shopping journey, quick response codes play a growing role. QR code usage has been taking off at a time when it had been expected to die off by many people in the tech industry. Its affordability and ease of use has made it highly appealing as a part of retail mobile marketing strategies. This claim is supported by research results put forward by Juniper Research. Juniper now forecasts that the QR code usage by consumers is only going to…

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New Walmart m-commerce features allow customers to scan and go with self checkout

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While self checkout isn’t new technology, the latest version lets shoppers scan products as they shop. The latest Walmart m-commerce feature is starting to be rolled out, making it faster and easier for consumers to check out. The tech brings together the use of mobile commerce on customer scanners with the self checkout desks. The idea behind the new Walmart m-commerce option is to make it possible for consumers to use handheld devices to scan products as they shop. That way, by the time they arrive at the self checkout…

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Mobile user acquisition costs fall thanks to smartphone shoppers

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As consumers continue to rely more heavily on their devices as they shop, retailers have a growing opportunity. A new report is following the trend of shrinking mobile user acquisition costs as a result of the growing popularity of m-commerce. Shoppers are working their smartphones into the shopping experience to an increasing degree, opening the door to a swath of opportunities for retailers to engage them. The report describing this trend was titled: “Mobile Shopping: User Acquisition Trends and Benchmarks 2017.” The report was published by Liftoff, a mobile app…

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Retail mobile commerce came close to flunking its report card

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A new NewStore report based on 112 different brands revealed a less than stellar average performance. NewStore has released its “State of Mobile Retail”, which is a kind of retail mobile commerce report card. The report revealed insight into the performance of 112 different retailers within the m-commerce ecosystem. The outcomes published within the report involved considering 500 data points regarding each of the retailers. The analysis of the various factors produced a retail mobile commerce score similar to a report card. The average outcome among all the retailers’ scores…

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Top mobile commerce brand title goes to Burberry

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The Ampersand ecommerce agency rated 158 British retailers and awarded the top spot to the fashion brand. Burberry has been named the top mobile commerce brand by Ampersand. The ecommerce agency used several criteria and numbers to conduct an assessment of the customer experience. It examined the mobile shopping offerings of 158 retailers in Great Britain. Among the factors taken into consideration included whether the m-commerce website was optimized. The retailers were judged on mobile website optimization, page loading speed and several other factors. While Burberry took the top mobile…

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Current mobile commerce trends are giving offline retail a shot in the arm

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Though some have predicted that smartphone shopping will harm foot traffic to stores, the opposite may be true. Local retailers have always relied the most heavily on foot traffic, but many have been afraid that mobile commerce trends would start to steal those customers away, sending them to shop online or at larger rivals, instead. That said, measures of marketing and m-commerce habits are revealing that this is not the case. Instead, mobile commerce trends may actually be helping retailers of all sizes, particularly when it comes to shopping in-store.…

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Apple’s mobile payments service set to support the mobile web

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Apple Pay will be moving beyond app purchases later this year Apple Pay is beginning to move beyond the world of applications. For some time, Apple has been informing potential partners that its new mobile payments service will be expanding to websites later this year. The service is expected to evolve, harnessing the power of the mobile web, which consumers have become increasingly reliant on when shopping online with a smartphone or tablet. Moving to the mobile web may help Apple Pay find more success in a space where it…

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Sears uses mobile commerce to bring people into stores

Sears mobile commerce website performance

The department store is working to turn its growing smartphone based traffic into in-person visits. Sears Holding Corp. has taken on a new strategy that has been designed to use mobile commerce to draw online traffic into actual brick and mortar stores in order to increase the number of purchases that are made in person. The retailer has now updated its mobile app to include a range of new features to improve in-store shopping. The Sears app has now been designed to enhance the mobile commerce experience by offering a…

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Mobile commerce is growing in power within the retail industry

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Report shows that retailers have high hopes for e-commerce in the coming years, especially as mobile shopping surges Boston Retail Partners has released a new report that predicts strong growth in mobile shopping next year. The report shows that 85% of retailers believe that they will see a significant increase in their e-commerce sales next year, with mobile shopping contributing heavily to this growth. Retailers are beginning to focus more heavily on mobile consumers, largely due to the fact that these consumers are often shopping and are willing to spend…

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Report predicts the explosive growth of mobile payments

Bank of America mobile payments

Bank of America report predicts that mobile payments market will grow 200 fold Bank of America has released a new report that predicts the explosive growth of the mobile commerce space. Over the next seven years, the bank predicts that the mobile commerce market will grow 200 fold. This growth is being powered by the aggressive adoption of mobile payments systems by retailers and the growing demand for such services coming from consumers. Mobile shopping is becoming more common and many retailers are beginning to focus on the mobile space…

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