Mobile commerce is growing in power within the retail industry

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Report shows that retailers have high hopes for e-commerce in the coming years, especially as mobile shopping surges Boston Retail Partners has released a new report that predicts strong growth in mobile shopping next year. The report shows that 85% of retailers believe that they will see a significant increase in their e-commerce sales next year, with mobile shopping contributing heavily to this growth. Retailers are beginning to focus more heavily on mobile consumers, largely due to the fact that these consumers are often shopping and are willing to spend…

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Mobile commerce is changing the retail industry

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerce

Report shows that mobile shoppers are becoming more common in physical stores InReality, a market research firm, has released a new report that shows that mobile technology is beginning to have a major impact on physical stores. The advent of mobile commerce has changed the way that people shop for products, both online and in physical stores. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with mobile shopping and are participating in mobile commerce more frequently. What this means for physical retailers is not entirely certain, but these companies are beginning to feel…

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Mobile payments firm breaks the $1 billion funding threshold

wallet qr code transactions mobile payments

Adyen reaches a $1.5 billion valuation after latest round of funding Adyen, a mobile payment firm based in Amsterdam, has raised $250 million during its latest round of funding, bringing its valuation to $1.5 billion. The startup aims to provide consumers with a simple way to accept payments no matter where they are and without currency restrictions. The platform could make it easier for online merchants to sell their products throughout the world, rather than in a specific market that may or may not be as active as they want…

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Retailers are unwilling to improve their mobile commerce infrastructure

ebay mobile commerce

Report from eBay shows that many retailers could miss out on opportunities during the holiday season As the holiday season approaches, retailers may have to put more effort into their mobile websites if they want to take advantage of mobile commerce. eBay has released its Enterprise 2014 Holiday Retail Audit, which highlights some of the problems that retailers are facing when it comes to mobile consumers. The report shows that many retailers are interested in engaging mobile consumers, but few of them will actually make the effort to do so…

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Mobile commerce is changing the retail industry

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

Retailers are beginning to optimize themselves for mobile consumers Mobile optimization is beginning to become a top priority for the world’s retailers. Internet Retailer has released a new report concerning the matter, showing that a growing number of retailers are beginning to take optimization more seriously. As consumers become more invested in mobile commerce, retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to their interests. This involves designing websites and e-commerce services that are easily accessible to smartphones and tablets. Number of retailers developing mobile websites grows by 164%…

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The Value of Mobile Commerce

black friday mobile shopping record

The world is becoming increasingly mobile-centric. A growing number of people are basing their lives heavily on mobile technology, using smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. As mobile devices continue to establish themselves as an integral part of modern society, the demand for mobile services and engagement is on the rise. Consumers want to be able to shop online with their mobile devices while also being able to make payments for goods and services from these devices at physical locations. The value of mobile commerce is primarily financial. The…

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UK retailers set to tackle a mobile payments challenge

mobile payments credit card

UK is well prepared to embrace mobile commerce The United Kingdom may be more prepared to handle mobile payments than other countries in Europe. A new survey from Idealo shows that UK retailers have become cavalier with their support of mobile commerce. These retailers have seen new trends emerge throughout the UK, and many of these trends are having an impact on the behavior of mobile consumers. With new mobile payment services being introduced, more consumers are showing that they are willing to shop for and purchase products with their…

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Report highlights trends in the mobile commerce field

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

New report from yStats identifies trends in global mobile space Market research firm yStats has released a new report titled “Global M-Commerce 2014: Smartphones and Tablets.” The report sheds light on some of the new trends that are affecting the mobile shopping space. Notably, the report suggests that mobile shopping is having a major impact on the global retail industry. Mobile traffic to retail websites is on the rise and more retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to an audience that is primarily mobile-centric. Tablets are beginning…

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Retailers begin seeing positive results from their mobile commerce efforts

online shopping cart mobile commerce

Retailers using services from Unbound Commerce are finding more success in the mobile field Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers, notes that those using its services have seen a significant rise in mobile revenue during the second quarter of this year. The company helps build and deploy dedicated mobile websites for those interested in supporting mobile payments. These mobile sites are vital in order to effectively engage mobile consumers. Businesses with sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing could be missing out on a major…

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The Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Future

Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in the business world. Smartphones are the most widely used electronic device in the world, so it was only a matter of time before commerce began to evolve to become more mobile-centric. As mobile technology continues to grow more prolific, new commerce structures are being formed to support the use of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This will have a major impact on various business sectors and those that are unwilling to adapt could become a footnote in history, if not forgotten entirely.…

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Mobile commerce helps boost retail revenue

mobile commerce ipad 3 retail

Retailers are finding more success in the mobile shopping space Branding Brand, a leading mobile commerce service provider, has released a new study, which is the latest in its Mobile Commerce Index series. The study highlights the trends that exist in the mobile space and tracks those that are beginning to emerge therein. The report often notes that mobile payments are becoming more common among consumers, especially as businesses begin to become more accommodating of the mobile-centric audience. Study shows that retail revenue jumped by 111% in May of this…

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