Mobile commerce environment shows ongoing strength

Mobile Commerce Trends

Mobile Commerce TrendsA new report has shown that this channel is rapidly on the grow, but mobile payment methods remain shaky.

A new report released by Information Week which is called “Mobile Commerce: State of the Market” has revealed that the channel is continuing to grow with considerable strength and speed.

The data used for the report was from a survey that was conducted with the participation of 500 company execs.

It illustrated the strong and rapid growth being see in the mobile commerce ecosystem. For instance, among the executives from the 500 companies that were polled by InformationWeek in June of last year, 41 percent stated that they had broadly deployed employee access to corporate apps by way of their personal smartphones and tablets. Another 29 percent said that they had limited deployment of this nature.

The report also identified a number of other popular forms of deployment of mobile commerce initiatives.

Among them, included a smartphone friendly version of the consumer website, which saw 39 percent widespread deployment as well as 14 percent limited deployment, according to the executive respondents. Furthermore, there was a 37 percent broad deployment of consumer apps, in addition to 24 percent limited deployment. For employees, there was 25 percent widespread deployment of apps, with 29 percent limited deployment.

Though the executives did reveal that only 28 percent of the companies have widespread or limited deployment of a mobile commerce employee website (combined), they did also show that 39 percent were currently in the evaluation process for one.

Also growing in popularity are custom mobile commerce business apps. Though a considerable number of the 323 business technology professionals who took part in an August 2011 survey stated that they did not have any intention of either creating or using them, this may have turned around. In the InformationWeek report, it showed that 33 percent of those professionals currently create and use custom business apps, while 31 percent intend to do so. That said, there are still 27 percent who do not create and use them and also don’t have any intention of doing so. Approximately 9 percent said that they were undecided or did not know.

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