Mobile commerce app from Chase bank providing alternative as website struggles

Mobile Commerce Banking Trends

Mobile Commerce Banking TrendsAs the standard site faces considerable issues, the smartphone application is offering another online option.

Though it occurred on April Fool’s Day, the technical difficulties that were experienced on the Chase Bank website, and that were sending customers to the mobile commerce app, were neither a prank nor a joke.

Late in the day, the standard website for the bank began to struggle and choke as users attempted to log in.

The bank’s support Twitter feed (@ChaseSupport) tweeted “*ALERT* Chase Online is experiencing intermittent issues,” to advise customers that there was a problem and the company was aware of it. They added that they suggested the use of the mobile commerce app “while we work to get things up to full speed.” The issues did not affect the speed or effectiveness of the app.

The mobile commerce alternative has come to the rescue just in time for the bank’s website.

This will likely cause the use of the mobile commerce application to spike among Chase customers. This is especially true as the struggles with the website have closely followed the rumors that circulated last week that said that a DoS (denial of service) attack was made against the website by a hacking group.

At that time, the bank claimed that the disappearing balances that were being reported by a number of its customers were not connected to hacking or attacking from outside sources. The number of customers that faced that issue, last week, has not been released.

A spokesperson for Chase said that “The problems are an issue with the checking account portion of, nothing to do with mortgage or credit banking. We have a technology problem regarding customers balance information that we are working to resolve.” He added that “It has nothing to do with cyber threats or hacks. It is an internal issue. We are very sorry to our customers for the inconvenience.”

The balance information has since been correctly restored. However, when it comes to the current glitches on the website, the problem had not been fixed upon the writing of this article, and consumers were still being advised to use the mobile commerce app if they wished to gain access to their accounts online.

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