Improved mobile ordering makes prepurchasing beer easier for Ontario consumers

Mobile Ordering - The Beer Store

The Beer Store’s mobile commerce app is getting an upgrade. Customers of The Beer Store, a beer retail chain in Ontario, Canada operated by Brewers Retail Inc., will likely see a mobile ordering upgrade in the near future. This improvement is expected to enhance the efficiency of prepurchasing beer for pickups via The Beer Store’s mobile app. The improved m-commerce feature will be available in 100 store locations by the end of June. By the time July hits, Canadian consumers will have the option to prepurchase beer from The Beer…

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M-commerce apps are frustrating shoppers

mobile commerce shopping

A recent study has shown that most consumers have required help in using an app but very few use the device to get it. A recent study conducted by Contact Solutions has revealed that the majority of shoppers in the United States have required assistance when using an m-commerce app, but only a small fraction of them actually used that device in order to obtain the help that they needed. A massive 81 percent of shoppers have found themselves unable to use a mobile commerce application without help. Among those…

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Mobile commerce trial begins for Linio in Latin America

Mobile commerce Trends

The market holds a great deal of potential, helping to explain why a pilot program there is a natural step. Linio, with the backing of Rocket Internet, has just released its first app geared toward the Latin American mobile commerce marketplace, which is predicted to be ready to take off at any moment. Moves such as this one are being made in order to establish a company or a brand before the market becomes crowded. Interest in the Latin American marketplace has spiked since last week’s report from Ericsson, which…

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M-commerce app deleting habit identified among U.K. Consumers

m-commerce mobile apps

British smartphone users will often delete applications that are too much of a challenge to navigate. M-commerce websites are proving to be more popular among consumers in the United Kingdom than apps, when it comes to actual financial and business transactions in the country. The number of purchases and the amount spent on websites is greater than that over apps. At the same time that 51 percent are making purchases from m-commerce websites at least once per month, only 40 percent are buying by way of apps over their smartphones…

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Mobile commerce app from Chase bank providing alternative as website struggles

Mobile Commerce Banking Trends

As the standard site faces considerable issues, the smartphone application is offering another online option. Though it occurred on April Fool’s Day, the technical difficulties that were experienced on the Chase Bank website, and that were sending customers to the mobile commerce app, were neither a prank nor a joke. Late in the day, the standard website for the bank began to struggle and choke as users attempted to log in. The bank’s support Twitter feed (@ChaseSupport) tweeted “*ALERT* Chase Online is experiencing intermittent issues,” to advise customers that there…

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