Amazon app makes it easier for international customers to shop

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The application has launched an International Shopping feature on both its iOS and Android versions. Countries around the world with their own official Amazon app and website are used to its convenience. However, there are still many nations without their own version of the marketplace. Amazon has launched an International Shopping feature on its mobile commerce apps for those consumers. This feature makes it possible for consumers around the world to use the Amazon app (US) to purchase products that can be shipped to their countries. This new feature not…

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Retail mobile apps have moved ahead of e-commerce sites

retail mobile apps shopping

As consumers use their smartphones for a growing number of tasks, retailers are being advised to keep up. As m-commerce reaches an explosive growth rate, retail mobile apps are becoming increasingly important to consumers as they shop. In fact, this trend is becoming important enough that retailer are now being cautioned that if they don’t start offering the right tools to attract and keep shoppers over their smartphones, they will already be losing out. Due to a growing number of analytics reports, it has become generally accepted that more traffic…

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Amazon Go app beta launched for mobile grocery shopping

amazon go app mobile ad network payments

The goal of the application is to allow shoppers to buy food without a line or a checkout counter. The Amazon Go app is now being beta tested in Seattle exclusively by Amazon employees. The company called the process “Just Walk Out” technology. The Go mobile app is meant to be used at the one 1,800 square foot supermarket which is “new kind of store with no checkout required.” Customers using the Go app simply walk into the store with the application open on their mobile devices. Sensors in the…

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Super-smart mobile shopping app from the North Face uses Watson power

The North Face mobile shopping marketing

The new application will be launching next month and is designed to use the world’s smartest computer. The North Face outdoor clothing label has announced that it will be launching a new mobile shopping app in April but that this won’t just be any regular m-commerce application that device users are used to seeing. This new retail app will be powered by the smartest computer in the world to provide shopping assistance. Through the use of IBM’s Watson, The North Face mobile shopping app will allow users to be able…

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Overstock mobile app proves highly successful

PayPal Mobile Payments

In fact, execs have been celebrating having it named the “Best Shopping Mobile Application for 2015”. recently announced some exciting news regarding their mobile app, as it was named the Best Shopping Mobile Application by the Web Marketing Association within its 2015 Mobile Web Awards. This represents the fourth year in a row that the online retailer’s mobile application has received the group’s applause. Mobile app candidates for Mobile Web Awards are judged based on a number of different factors. These include the application’s deign, creativity, use of the…

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Mobile shopping is rising over the holidays due to app use

UK mobile commerce - Woman with shopping bags on mobile

As the season continues, the use of applications has kept the use of m-commerce at a high level. Now that the holiday season is in full gear, smartphones are proving to be more integral than ever to people who need to make sure they’ve found the perfect gifts for everyone on their list, and mobile shopping has been key to getting the job done. It’s the use of mobile commerce apps that has been pushing that trend forward, says a recent study. Several companies have now conducted analyses that have…

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Mobile commerce is a vital component of the travel shopping experience

mobile commerce future smarphone

A recent study has shown that consumers are increasingly using multiple devices to plan and book trips. A report was recently released by a firm called Criteo, which illustrated the importance of the role of mobile commerce at both the start and finish of a shopper’s planning and booking of upcoming travel. The report was entitled the Criteo “State of Mobile Commerce” and it was focused on the third quarter of this year. Significant insight was provided through the results of the study outlined within this report. This could potentially…

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Sainsbury’s to launch m-commerce app

m-commerce app Sainsbury QR code mobile check out

The company has announced that it has now launched a scan-and-go smartphone based shopping application. Sainsbury has now announced that it is going to be launching a shop-and-go m-commerce app that has been designed to make it possible for customers to be able to complete their entire order by way of their smartphones. At the moment, the mobile app is still in its development stage, but it will soon be starting its first pilot program. The trial program for the m-commerce app will be getting started at the supermarket’s Wandsworth…

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Mobile commerce partnership begins between Taco Bell and CARDFREE

Taco Bell QR codes

A new smartphone app has now been launched across the United States that includes an ordering solution. The leading provider of mobile commerce solutions to large merchants, CARDFREE, has now announced that it is now the app platform provider behind the newest smartphone based offerings for Taco Bell, which were launched across the country, last week. The fast food chain selected the company in order to provide an m-commerce ordering solution, among other things. Taco Bell selected CARDFREE for its mobile commerce app that allows consumers to make orders, but…

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Augmented reality pilot to boost Walgreens customer loyalty

mobile commerce mhealth augmented reality app walgreens

The company is working AR technology into its current app for a unique new consumer experience. Walgreens has now announced that it will be using augmented reality to help customers to be able to better navigate their store shelves in order to be able to more easily find everything that they have on their shopping lists. The feature is being piloted as a potential addition to its mobile app to allow smartphones to guide customers in-store. In order to use the augmented reality, the Walgreens loyalty app partner, Aisle411, is…

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Mobile payments move made by Dominos with Google Wallet

Mobile payments App for US Dominos

The pizza chain has now announced that it will be integrating this transaction option into its Android app. This week, Domino’s Pizza announced that it is integrating the Google Wallet mobile payments option into the latest update for its meal ordering app in order to allow customers to be able to use their smartphones to do more when interacting with the company and purchasing their meals. This recent mobile news was released by the company to show that customers can now pay online. The news release shows that the choice…

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