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Holiday mobile commerce nearly doubles at eBay

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The massive online marketplace and auction site has experienced its biggest year, yet, in 2013.

According to one of the most recent announcements from eBay, the company is experiencing its best holiday mobile commerce season ever, particularly when its payments through PayPal are taken into account.

Though it has continued to experience strong sales since the first shopping weekend, that was a hot performer.

From Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, both eBay and PayPal saw the highest holiday mobile commerce activity that they have ever had. The volume of purchases and payments made over smartphones and tablets was higher than any other equivalent five day period in previous years. In fact, during that time, the company recorded an ECV (enabled commerce volume) over smartphones and tablets that was 96 percent greater, year over year.

This figure represented the holiday mobile commerce transactions during the “Cyber Five” period of days.

Ebay holiday Mobile CommercePayPal also saw its own high performance, with a smartphone and tablet based total payment volume (TPV) growth of 115 percent on Thanksgiving day when compared to the same holiday in 2012. On Black Friday, there was nearly a doubling of the number of consumers who were purchasing through PayPal. On Cyber Monday, though, the transaction performance was even greater, as PayPal experienced its largest smartphone and tablet based payment day in its entire history.

During the Cyber Five period, alone, the number of shoppers that used the eBay marketplace over smartphones and tablets more than doubled. The busiest day for that site was on December 1, but the company has now predicted that December 15 will be an even bigger day for shoppers on its site.

As a whole, eBay has predicted that its whole year (including holiday mobile commerce) volume for shopping from smartphones and tablets will reach $20 billion, and that it will process that amount in payments in 2013. This is in line with previous forecasts that hit has released. It has also been causing the price of eBay’s shares to continue to rise throughout the season. This is likely to continue as the figures from the company’s performance continue to be released throughout the season.

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