American Medical ID incorporates QR codes to help with mobile commerce

Mobile Website for American Medical ID

Mobile Website for American Medical ID
American Medical ID, a company specializing in customized medical identification jewelry, has launched a new mobile commerce site that enables consumers to purchase items like medical bracelets from their mobile device. Traditionally, these items could not be purchased except from a desktop or laptop. Now, however, these products can be ordered as soon as a condition has been diagnosed. The company is promoting this new service with QR coded mailings.

The new mobile site showcases the company’s full catalogue of products, which can be viewed from any mobile device capable of browsing the Internet. From the catalogue, smart phone users can choose their favored items and customize them as they see fit. The company’s QR codes are linked to discounts, which will make some of the products more affordable.

QR codes have become popular promotional and marketing tools, enabling companies to reach out to mobile consumers. The growing population of smart phone owners makes the codes quite effective in their consumer engagement goals. The codes have been growing in popularity recently in the mobile commerce industry, as they allow consumers to make purchases no matter where they are. The convenience of these codes has been met with favor from consumers that are constantly on the go.

American Medical ID has plans to expand its use of QR codes in the future, but will focus on the mobile commerce and promotional aspects of the codes for the time being.

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