QR codes lose steam in magazine ads

QR codes in magazines

The share in this printed format for the barcodes has fallen to 70 percent. According to the latest results of a Nellymoser study, the mobile responses that the print ads in magazine are having are continuing along in their evolution, as 20 percent of the activations that are generated through these ads come from image-based activations – for example, invisible watermarks – as opposed to QR codes and other barcode based activations. The study looked into the results that were produced by more than 170,000 pages in leading publications. Nellymoser,…

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American Medical ID incorporates QR codes to help with mobile commerce

Mobile Website for American Medical ID

American Medical ID, a company specializing in customized medical identification jewelry, has launched a new mobile commerce site that enables consumers to purchase items like medical bracelets from their mobile device. Traditionally, these items could not be purchased except from a desktop or laptop. Now, however, these products can be ordered as soon as a condition has been diagnosed. The company is promoting this new service with QR coded mailings. The new mobile site showcases the company’s full catalogue of products, which can be viewed from any mobile device capable…

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Athens Regional embarks on a QR-driven campaign to promote mammograms among women

QR Code News

Athens Regional Health Services, one of the leading health care systems in Georgia, has begun using QR codes in an attempt to reach out to patients. The codes are part of a major campaign designed to encourage women to get mammograms. Health screenings can often mean the difference between life and death, especially in the case of cancer, where early detection can save lives. Athens Regional is hoping that the codes will help spread awareness of the importance of screenings for women. The codes have been appearing in print ads…

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Trumpia adds QR codes as a major new part of its mobile marketing offerings

Mobile Commerce News

Leading Multi-Channel Marketing and Messaging solution provider, Trumpia, has announced that it will be adding quick response (QR) code functionality to its offerings on its all-in-one platform, which already includes mobile email, text, IM, voice broadcast, and social media. It is Trumpia’s hope that this will help their clients to achieve faster and better response rates from their online advertising and marketing efforts. Trumpia lets businesses and advertising agencies (both digital and traditional) create their own QR codes with a simple to use, self-service website. Marketers can use the generated…

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Fast cars and fast print ads

With QR codes and other mobile marketing strategies gaining traction, many are wondering what role interactive technologies will play in the future. Many companies, both big and small, all over the world are taking advantage of new trends in the advertising industry, hoping to turn people’s use of smart phones into patronage. While QR codes seem to be the weapon of choice for many of today’s advertisers, there are a growing number of print publications using the codes for a different purpose altogether. The print and digital worlds are often…

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