Amazon mobile commerce is leaving the competition in the dust

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The online marketplace is considered to be among the most important shopping platforms over online channels.

Despite the power of big box retailers, Amazon mobile commerce is still leading the way, just as its e-shopping marketplace is also continuing to be a massive force to be reckoned with.

The stock price of the company over the last year has made it clear that this is a brand that knows how to grow.

The dominance Amazon mobile commerce has achieved and is steadily holding is a primary reason that explains why the company has managed to grow. As a rising number of consumers make their way over to the mobile shopping experience, Amazon has made sure to learn and adapt to ensure that its m-commerce experience will remain at least level with – if not greater than – the expectations of those shoppers.

In this way, the Amazon mobile commerce experience has managed to leave rivals in the dust.

amazon mobile commerce technology news apple watch appThis was pointed out by Cantor Fitzgerald, as Amazon has managed to create a mobile shopping experience that exceeds the vast majority of its competition by quite a distance. Mobile consumers spend an average of 103 minutes on the marketplace every month, when compared to its top competitors, Target, where consumers spend an average of 20 minutes, and Walmart, where they spend about 14 minutes.

Furthermore, the mobile service from Amazon has been designed in a way that ensures the return of its customers. On average, its shoppers will come back six times each month. Target’s shoppers come back only twice per month and Walmart’s did only slightly better at two and a half times per month. Other retailers had comparable results, at two or three times per month, including Etsy, Nordstrom and Macy’s.

According to Youssef Squali, a research analyst from Cantor Fitzgerald who spoke about the Amazon mobile commerce data, “Our analysis of mobile data for leading ecommerce and traditional players shows how Amazon not only leads the group in mobile adoption and usage, but that the gulf between the time spent with the company and virtually all other platforms is expanding rapidly, implying further market share gains ahead.”

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