Pokemon QR codes feature added to Sun and Moon

Pokemon QR codes

A quick response code scanning function will make it possible to easily register additions to their Pokédexes.

The capability for scanning Pokemon QR codes is on its way back among the new and returning features that are being brought to Pokémon Sun and Moon, which is the most recent of the Nintendo 3DS games within this franchise for monster catching.

By completing a quick scan of a quick response code, Pokémon can be easily registered into a player’s Pokédex.

The process of scanning the Pokemon QR codes is extremely fast and easy and requires only the camera feature of the smartphone. According to the website for the game, each Pokémon’s unique barcode contains information about that monster. When a player scans it, it is added to the Pokédex. It also opens up tasks for trainers, who had best be prepared to work to catch what they want.

If the Pokemon QR codes belong to one that hasn’t yet been caught, then a whole new opportunity will open up.

Pokemon QR codesIf an uncaught Pokémon’s QR code is scanned, the player will be given the habitat for that monster so he or she can locate it and attempt to capture it.

The quick response codes can be used in other ways, as well. For instance, players are able to share their barcodes with their friends. According to the official webpage for the game, if friends trade their QR codes, they are able to register the applicable Pokémon to their Pokédexes.

This is one of several changes that the classic Pokédex within Sun and Moon has been altered. While these barcodes have been used in the past, this will be the first time the tool will be able to adopt its very own life as a result of the Pokémon Rotom. The Pokédex monsters will be able to carry out the typical functions but will also be able to offer the player advice.

The Pokemon QR codes are just one slice of a much larger range of changes that are being revealed before the November 18 launch of the 3DS games. The main legendaries of the game, Lunala and Solgaleo were also recently revealed for the first time.

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