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NFC Business Cards

NFC technology is becoming very popular in the world of business. NFC has gotten most of its attention because of its use with mobile payments, but the technology is truly multi-faceted and can serve well in a variety of fields. Connectivity is a vital part of the business world and professionals of every industry strive to be well integrated within a network of colleagues and potential clients and partners. Business cards have been, and continue to be, the tool of choice for this effort, and technology is augmenting how these small pieces of paper work.

Hicel, a South Korean electronics manufacturer, has made the world’s first NFC-enabled business card. NFC, or near field communication, is a relatively new technology that allows smart phone users to access data via an electronic signal that is activated by a phone’s radio frequency field. Because the technology does not require a battery, it can take nearly any form, but is most often diminutive in size.


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Hicel’s new business card is the first of many such products they plan to design in the future. The card can be used to transfer contact information to a smart phone or other mobile device. The company plans to use NFC in a line of brochures and luxury labels and will explore how the technology can be used to enhance digital safety.

NFC has more to offer the world than a new dimension of mobile commerce, as Hicel is showing with their business cards.

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