Tablet devices to be used for mobile payment by 2012

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VeriFone has announced its new Payware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets, which will be allowing tablet users to pay for their purchases with their mobile devices through a simple card reader technology. 

Near field communications (NFC) technology is already being implemented in smartphones to make it possible to use them to purchase items at a point of sale by waving them or tapping them over a proper POS system.  However, it is believed that this will not be readily available for another two to three years. 

That said, it is anticipated that tablets will be equipped with the Payware card reading technology by next year.  With that hardware in combination with an inventory app designed to manage card information and allow for fund transfers, tablet users will be able to carry their mobile wallet within their devices. 


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 Square had already tried this type of system for mobile devices, but that technology didn’t let users make purchases with their debit cards, and the Square inventory system had to be used, as opposed to the app of the user’s choice. 

VeriFone has added debit card support to the older technology, and will also be including NFC payment support so that future technologies will be compatible with their system.  Moreover, it is also possible to integrate VeriFone’s concept with the older inventories systems that are already being used by the majority of companies.

Neither the tablet POS add-on nor the app for the card management are free, but as it becomes more popular for people to use their mobile wallets, it is likely that this type of gadget will become standard among mobile wallet users.

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