World’s first NFC business cards

Mobile Wallet

NFC technology is becoming very popular in the world of business. NFC has gotten most of its attention because of its use with mobile payments, but the technology is truly multi-faceted and can serve well in a variety of fields. Connectivity is a vital part of the business world and professionals of every industry strive to be well integrated within a network of colleagues and potential clients and partners. Business cards have been, and continue to be, the tool of choice for this effort, and technology is augmenting how these…

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Zoosh unveils option instead of NFC and Google Wallet

Latest in Mobile Payment Technology

Zoosh, a state of the art development produced by a Silicon Valley startup company called Naratte, has turned the heads of a number of developers of mobile payment technologies, as it has come up with a way to replicate the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) chips through the use of a simple microphone and speaker already found in the majority of mobile devices. The Zoosh technology involves the use of sound frequencies that are inaudible to humans, but that are commonly used in the natural world by animals such…

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Free QR code generation released by Wolfram Alpha

The complex computation engine known as Wolfram Alpha is now capable of generating QR codes. The codes created by the answer engine can be made to link to websites or and email address and can hold up to 7kb of data. They can also be printed to business cars and other materials. This additional feature comes as a response to growing interests in mobile technology. QR codes are rising to prominence as one of the most versatile tools for the distribution of mobile content on a massive scale. Companies are…

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AR Marketing: M-commerce comes in many forms

More and more businesses are using mobile advertising and marketing to reach on the go consumers. Now, we can add one more; Valpak. Best known for the envelopes full of coupons they mail out to people; now they have a mobile, augmented reality application. Valpak is a part of Cox Target Media. Target Media works with customers to develop innovative advertising placement strategies. Target Media uses media evaluation and analysis, detailed market and media research and strategic media planning and placement. Valpak uses the new application to interact with the…

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Scanning your way to a better education

Information is becoming increasingly mobile. To keep up with technology, the West Virginia University Libraries will be using QR codes to help students gain quick access to the resources offered by the libraries. The codes can be scanned with smart phones that have barcode scanning applications. David Roth, a library associate, says the codes are a great way to bridge the gap between digital content and physical media. When scanned, the codes will resolve to the library’s mobile website. From there, students will be able to check the availability of…

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