Windows Phone 8 may be equipped with City Lens

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Leaked information points to augmented reality in Windows Phone 8

A tide of information has been leaked recently concerning new mobile technology coming from Nokia. The famed IT company seems to have a variety of new gadgets under development, including a charging station that will power mobile devices without the use of wires. One of the more popular pieces of information that has been leaked recently is the possibility of the new Windows Phone 8 having inherent augmented reality capabilities. According to this information, the Windows Phone 8 may come equipped with a version of City Lens.

City Lens may be included in new mobile device

City Lens is an augmented reality application developed by Nokia. The application allows users to see the world through a series of digital displays that are meant to provide detailed information regarding a user’s location. The application is simplistic, but has managed to garner the favor of technology enthusiasts because of its use of augmented reality. City Lens was released in May of this year and Nokia has been working on improving the application since. Nokia recently released a video showing off the new Windows Phone 8 that hints that the mobile device will be equipped with a variant of City Lens.

Video hints at the possibility of augmented reality

The short video depicts a woman walking down a street when she is halted by a digital display that provides her with information concerning a product she might like. The video is only 16 seconds long, but suggests that City Lens may be an integral part of the highly anticipated mobile device. The video encourages consumers to “stay tuned” as Nokia will be releasing additional information during a presentation event hosted by Microsoft.

Nokia may be keen to include augmented reality in Windows Phone 8

Though information suggesting that the Windows Phone 8 will be equipped with City Lens has been speculation, for the most part, Nokia has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility. It is likely that the mobile device will be equipped with the augmented reality application because of Nokia’s interest in the technology.

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