Will technology make human memory obsolete?



Society is growing more reliant on technology and this may have dire implications on how people remember things. The Internet has become a major resource for many people, enabling them to find a wealth of information on just about every topic. While the merit of the Internet cannot be denied, it has also encouraged people to not remember the things they have learned. Those that forget the details of a particular subject, whether it be business related or otherwise, can simply turn to the Internet to fill in the gap.

The world of mobile technology has become inseparable from the Internet, especially in the case of augmented reality. There exist thousands of mobile augmented reality applications that serve a variety of functions. From Twitter360 that allows users to see who is using Twitter in the surrounding environment, to Yelp, which provides users with price and ratings information for restaurants in their area, these apps take a simple concept and make it even more accessible to consumers who may or may not want to be bothered with remembering minor details.

Today’s society no longer has the need to know state capitals, historic events or even at what time local stores are open for business. This information is readily accessible through the Internet. Thus, people no longer need to bother with learning such information. The value of the Internet cannot be argued, neither can that of mobile technologies such as augmented reality, but their impact on society may be greater than how these technologies are being used in terms of marketing or entertainment. Their real impact can only be measured when the cost of these technologies is weighed against the benefits they bring.

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