Denso announces the release of a new free QR code guide

QR Code Report

QR Code Report
DENSO Wave Incorporated’s sales branch in the United States, DENSO ADC, which first created the QR Code®, has announced the release of a new guide called “QR Code Essentials,” which it has made available for free.

Senior manager John Doran, of the DENSO Sales California Inc. Commercial and Industrial Systems, said that from the time that these codes were first introduced in 1994, it has come to play an important part in virtually every industry in which barcodes are used. He went on to explain that as they have become so popular, “customers are constantly contacting us to find out more about QR Codes and how to implement them.”

Now DENSO has released a free guide that is twelve pages long and provides those customers with the answers they are seeking through valuable information and facts about QR codes and their technology in general. The guide is 922 KB and can be downloaded from the official website of DENSO ADC at

Though QR codes have been used at a steadily increasing rate in the retail, life sciences, transportation, healthcare, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, and office automation industries, they are truly taking off with their introduction into mobile marketing and advertising.

Based in Japan’s Kariya in the Aichi prefecture, the DENSO Corporation is one of the top suppliers of advanced automotive technology, components, and systems in the world, in the thermal, electric, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety sector. All of the leading auto manufacturers worldwide are included among its customers.

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