Mobile marketing and direct mail to lead 2012 political candidate strategies

QR Codes Used in Political Campaigns

QR Codes Used in Political Campaigns
Though direct mail will be, as it always has been, an important part of the marketing strategies used by the political candidates in the 2012 election, mobile is also expected to play a critical role in helping to persuade voters.

Borrell and Associates data showed that political direct mailing this year will cost about $228.3 million. This technique is still considered to be vital to a political campaign because it provides candidates with the ability to specifically target prospective voters based on where they have registered for voting.

One of the top mailing list providers, AccurateLeads, says that segmenting and targeting a voting audience can be critical to the success of a campaign. It allows candidates to direct their messages specifically toward the issues from their platforms that matter most to voters in their specific areas, encouraging voter involvement.

In the past, this meant using a mail piece to present the issues, goals, and debates, but it has expanded significantly so that mobile technology will now play a very important role. For example, this year, campaign marketers have included the use of social media and QR code links on their print and email messages. These are designed to encourage an immediate interaction with voters.

Statistics from a PewResearch study have shown that among all American adults, at least 35 percent own a smartphone. This means that about 110 million people in the United States have the technology required to scan QR codes. Many of them are already doing so on a regular basis.

Queaar, a publishing company for QR codes, has found that between 2010 and 2011, the use of these two dimensional barcodes has risen by 4549 percent. Political candidates have not ignored these statistics and are now using them to help in their efforts for voter persuasion.

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