What to Expect from Your Managed IT Service: The Must-Haves

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A managed IT service is the perfect solution for small businesses in particular, as a single plan from a single provider takes care of all their specific needs at a flat rate. However, not every IT company is worth partnering up with, so below we will discuss what a company should be looking for, while trying to find the ideal IT partner.

What is a Managed IT Service?

By definition, the term managed IT service is used to describe a business arrangement. It’s a business contract where the IT service provider is contracted to provide virtually unlimited services/support to the company it signed that contract with. The fee structure can differ, but it’s either a yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly arrangement at a fixed, flat rate.

Now, the actual IT services which are to be provided to each client will differ in accordance with the company’s needs and budget. Nevertheless, managed IT services are usually quite comprehensive and include all basic requirements of their clients, along with any advanced IT support measures, if mentioned as part of the contract.

Expect the Provider to Have Experience

It’s not just being in the business for a few years that counts; the IT company must also have relevant experience in solving the kind of problems that you want or need them to solve for your own business. Take a Couple of Gurus for example, an IT service provider that has been in business for over 18 years at this point, and they have vast experience across multiple industries. From ensuring digital regulations compliance and hackerproof cybersecurity for their clients to providing constant IT support and guidance to young entrepreneurial ventures, they specialize in nearly everything IT.

If you are going to go for a managed IT plan, then you need that kind of assurance, given the fact that once the contract is signed with an incompetent and/or inexperienced IT service provider, you will be stuck with them for the full tenure. Even if a new IT company looks promising, very few small businesses can afford to take that chance.

Expect Your IT Partner to Mean the Term Unlimited

“Unlimited” IT support is a common term used in Managed IT plans, but the same should be stated in no unclear terms on the contract itself. As a company owner, you are looking for 24/7 IT support via email, text, call, video call, remote access, and if necessary, on-site visits as well.

Expect your IT partner to document the network accurately as well, since this is one of the core functionalities of having a managed IT team, so it’s nominal to expect an annual review of the company’s network, with alerts in between, if and when necessary. The documents should illustrate the whereabouts of all servers, services, connected machines, usage data, etc. quite clearly, preferably supported with analytics data for helping with budget cuts.

So, there are a few things to think about before seeking a managed IT service. Make sure you research your options thoroughly.

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