What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and examples of the application of this technology

Internet of things

The Internet of Things is a unique concept of a network that provides data transfer between different physical objects or with the external environment. Thanks to the organization of the network, it is possible to update all social and economic processes. The peculiarity lies in the fact that a person does not need to take part in all activities.

This concept appeared in 1999. The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up prospects for the widespread use of radio frequency identification methods that allow physical objects or the environment to interact. Since 2010, this is a common trend in information technology. This is due to the active use of wireless networks, the emergence of cloud computing, the introduction of software and defined networks.

Since 2010, the presented concept is especially extended in fog computing, which uses the cloud computing method. It is used by the information center to various devices. The Internet of Things uses measurement technologies that fill the computing environment with important information. Different classes of measurement systems are used: from simple light sensors, temperature sensors to more complex integration systems. The system covers not only wired, but also wireless networks. For a wireless network, factors such as adaptability, efficiency even at minimum speed, and self-organization play an important role. In wired systems, it is important to apply the PLC solution. This is a technology that is built on power lines, ensuring access to the power grid. These include ATMs, controllers, counters. Another technology that is used in the Internet of Things is a means of identification. Different tools are used that can be used as automatic identification. The most common are barcodes, QR codes, and tools that help determine your location online. Objects connected to networks often use the MAC address of the network adapter. It identifies the device channelly, and the address range has no restrictions.

Internet of things security and is it enough

Does the Internet of Things have security issues?

Security is a set of measures aimed at protecting the network and devices from various hacks and hacker attacks. For the security of the Internet of Things, a special set of technologies is used. A large amount of user information is stored here. The stored information can be stolen by cybercriminals after hacking the equipment. For this reason, special attention in the development and updating of the Internet of Things is paid to security.

According to the website turta.io the Internet of Things may have some security problems that are associated with such factors:

  • Lack of necessary testing – some companies strive to release the product as quickly as possible, so they do not allocate much time for testing;
  • Incorrect password – fraudsters can hack the system if the user did not change the password, but left it by default;
  • The presence of malware – over the past few years, many devices have connected to the Internet of Things, so the number of malicious applications is growing.

Devices can be used for work at home, but the level of security of such networks is always lower than corporate.

Prospects for the development of the Internet of Things

In 2011, many devices were connected to the IoT network. Their total mass exceeded the number of people who have an Internet connection, and amounted to 4.6 billion. And in 2018, the mass of connected devices, sensors exceeded the number of phones used by the population. In 2021, there were 28 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things worldwide. About 16 billion are somehow connected to this system.

The Internet of Things is developing rapidly and is rapidly gaining momentum in distribution. For IoT devices, a large set of applications is presented, which are divided into commercial, infrastructure, industrial and others. Some of the devices are built into home automation and connected to vehicles.

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