Java for Beginners: Top Services to Make You a Developer

Java for Beginners

It’s no secret that Java is now one of the most popular programming languages. Every second website and application is built on Java. Functional capacities of the programming language are just limitless. No surprise that many people are keen to become Java developers. If you are one of them, we will provide you with a few services that will make your Java learning easier and more effective.

Java Learning Can Be Easy

One will not be able to learn all the technical nuances of Java programming in a couple of hours while watching the new series of “Games of the Thrones.” Such an approach is unlikely to work. Programming is a time-consuming process, coupled with constant tracking of errors and bugs. But two hours per day is enough to create something unpretentious, for example, the analogue “Tetris” or “Snake” games. But before proceeding therewith the real practice, we strongly advise you to check the following like:

  • Oracle Java Docs
  • MIT open courseware
  • LearnJava Reddit
  • Algorithms and data structures in Java
  • Head First in Java
  • Code Academy

These resources will help you learn Java in the short term if you spend two hours per day on studying and practicing.

Oracle Java Docs

On the website, you will find official documentation from Oracle. The texts are written in a simple style and are designed for those who already know how to program. However, even beginners will be able to get onto it. Oracle Java docs is a complete reference to Java, so if you need to know more about something particular, be sure you’ll find it here.

MIT open courseware

It is a website for studying Java on practical tasks and certain topics. The service is suitable for both experienced professionals and programming beginners. On top of that, here you can find free course content that you can browse through at your leisure.

Java for Beginners: Top Services to Make You a Developer is a programmer’s blog about Java and other programming languages. What is particularly interesting in it is that one can find a list of tasks and programs has been written in a way that even a beginner fully understands it.

LearnJava Reddit

There is a separate subsection on Reddit that is devoted to Java. There you can ask any questions and receive detailed tips from Java developers.

Algorithms and data structures in Java

It is a library of useful algorithms written in Java. It will help you if you are having trouble implementing a complex program.

“Head First Java”

“Head First Java” is the world bestseller from Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. The book will help you to master your Java skills if you are starting from scratch and do not want to get bored in process.

Code Academy

It is resource, where you can read lots of Java code. What is more, here you can find online courses on programming. If you are just considering your Java learning journey, use Code Academy as your starting point.

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