Reddit says it’s “flattered” about the Facebook downvote tests

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Zuckerberg’s social network is considering a new option for people to do the opposite of a post “like.”

A new Facebook downvote option is being tested by the social network. The idea behind the proposed feature is to give a post the opposite of a like. This potential option has been debated among users for quite some time.

Reddit already has a downvoting option that allows users to express their dislike for a post.

There could be a number of potential benefits to a Facebook downvte system. For instance, it could potentially make it easier to send fake news posts out of the spotlight. That said, there’s a considerable risk that this social media feature could be employed for trolling. Moreover, adding the ability to downvote a post could significantly change the Facebook experience. It may turn it into something closer to Reddit, which has its place but may not be for every Facebook user.

Though the downvoting button rumors have been circulating for some time now, there is something to it. Facebook gave the feature a try among a small number of users earlier in 2018. Reports now show that it is rolling out to a broader number of users, mainly in New Zealand and Australia.

At the moment, the Facebook downvote option appears to be available only on comments.

Therefore, at least through the testing phase, the original post is being left behind, un-downvote-able. Instead, users testing the feature will be able to downvote the comments left on a post.

Facebook users are already able to react to posts and comments using various emojis. They include the traditional “like” as well as “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.” Downvoting is not the same as reacting. A reaction helps to show how a Facebook user feels in response to what is being shared in a post.

The downvote is a step beyond the reaction. When there are a significant number of downvotes, it says something about the presence of the content itself.

Reddit uses upvoting and downvoting as a central part of its experience. That social network’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, said he was “flattered” that a Facebook downvote test was underway. He stated that it was, after all, the “sincerest form of flattery.”

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