Amazon app makes it easier for international customers to shop

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The application has launched an International Shopping feature on both its iOS and Android versions.

Countries around the world with their own official Amazon app and website are used to its convenience. However, there are still many nations without their own version of the marketplace.

Amazon has launched an International Shopping feature on its mobile commerce apps for those consumers.

This feature makes it possible for consumers around the world to use the Amazon app (US) to purchase products that can be shipped to their countries. This new feature not only includes the price of the items, but also the cost in local currency as well as estimated duty.

The Amazon International Shopping app automatically detects the user’s location during the user’s first time shopping experience. That said, anyone can choose to customize the feature with the language or currency of their choice.

The Amazon app for international mobile shoppers currently supports five languages.

Shoppers around the world can choose to conduct their mobile commerce in English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. They can also select from among 25 different currencies.

The International Shopping mobile commerce feature will deliver to customers in over 100 different countries. That said, the company has stated that there would be more language and currency options added throughout this year and afterward.

The new International Shopping function will not be the equivalent to having a local Amazon store in a shopper’s own country. There will be certain products that will not be available for international purchasing regardless of the consumer’s willingness to pay shipping and duties.

That said, it will open the Amazon app up to a spectrum of new regions where it has never had any reach before. At the introduction of the mobile commerce application, the primary focus was on ten specific markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Columbia, Uruguay, Peru and Chile.

Based on the languages available upon the rollout of the application, it’s not entirely difficult to guess at some of the additional markets it is also hoping to target in the future. The feature will provide access to areas that had only heard of Amazon but had never tried it before.

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