iPhone Night Shift may be keeping you awake, not helping you sleep

iPhone Night Shift - Woman using phone in the dark

New research shows smartphone blue light filters may be doing more harm than good. The iPhone Night Shift feature meant to help reduce evening eye strain and make sure blue light doesn’t inhibit sleep may not be working as hoped, according to new research results. Blue light filters have become very common among iOS and Android device users. Apple first launched the iPhone Night Shift feature in January 2016. It was meant to decrease the amount of blue light emitted by a device screen. The idea was to decrease eye…

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Scientists make unique wearable technology discovery involving acids from red wine

Wearable technology discovery - Red wine in glass

Tannic acid may be the key to next-gen wearable tech. A team of scientists from the University of Manchester have made a wearable technology discovery involving tannic acid that could lead to the development of more durable and flexible wearable devices. The researchers extracted tannic acid from red wine, coffee and black tea for their experiment. Adding tannins to the technology improved mechanical properties of certain materials, increasing lifespan. Through their wearable technology discovery, the scientists found that by adding tannic acid extracted from red wind, coffee or black tea,…

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Education and the possibilities of augmented reality

Augmented Reality Learning Tools

Augmented reality could change education in the future Augmented reality may have promising implications for the world of education. The technology is most commonly seen in entertainment and marketing, but it has been gaining attention in other, more pragmatic fields recently. Consumers have shown that they have a strong interest in augmented reality; an interest that is most apparent among younger consumers that have grown up during the advent of mobile technology. Because of the interest that young people are showing toward the technology, its uses in education are beginning…

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