Mobile payments encourage better tipping

mobile payments use

Wait staff in restaurants are discovering that there are unexpected benefits to smartphone wallet apps. Over the next few years, it is believed that mobile payments will be taking off and that people will be using their smartphones in place of plastic cards to pay for everything from purchases in stores to meals at restaurants. Along with this overall shift in payment methods will also come a range of additional unexpected trends. So far, one type of trend that has been identified as a part of the transition toward mobile…

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Mobile payments at Starbucks will soon allow tipping

Starbucks Mobile commerce

The exceptionally popular smartphone app will soon be allowing patrons to leave a tip. Starbucks, the prime example of the way that mobile payments can be successfully implemented and broadly adopted by consumers, will soon be adding a new feature to its smartphone app, which will be allowing customers to leave a tip for their barista. The question is whether or not people will actually use this tipping feature on the updated app. The Seattle based coffee chain has announced that the option for tipping on its mobile payments app…

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