T-commerce generates greater conversion than smartphones

Tablet t-Commerce

Better rates are experienced through tablet shoppers than those on their phones. The Fat Brain Toys co-founder and president, Mark Carson, has discovered that there is a considerable difference between the conversion rate that they see from t-commerce, and that experienced as a result of shoppers on their smartphones. What it has revealed is that there is a great deal of potential out there for targeting tablet owners. Carson explained that his company was facing a large decision, saying that originally, it was “Do we develop our site for Netscape,…

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Tablet commerce website optimization has gone live at Stella & Dot

tablet mobile commerce

The online fashion retailers new mobile site has been updated to make things easier for hosts and customers. The massive international jewelry and accessories online retailer, Stella & Dot has now launched its tablet commerce optimized site which has been created in order to provide convenience and options for their stylists and their customers on their favorite devices. The stylists are the individuals who host the parties that will sell to their friends and family. What the company has found is that between 80 and 90 percent of the traffic…

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