Tablet commerce website optimization has gone live at Stella & Dot

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tablet commerce stella and dotThe online fashion retailers new mobile site has been updated to make things easier for hosts and customers.

The massive international jewelry and accessories online retailer, Stella & Dot has now launched its tablet commerce optimized site which has been created in order to provide convenience and options for their stylists and their customers on their favorite devices.

The stylists are the individuals who host the parties that will sell to their friends and family.

What the company has found is that between 80 and 90 percent of the traffic to the regular website comes from the stylists, themselves. This is because these individuals have started a trend of using their mobile devices for tablet commerce purposes while hosting the parties. They use the screens to provide attendees with more information regarding the various products, and to expose them to a wider selection of items than can be brought to each location.

The tablet commerce options also helps stylists to match customers to additional jewelry pieces and accessories.

This is because when they use the tablet commerce website, they can take an idea that was discussed by a customer, and provide them with product options that they may not have brought with them among their samples. This significantly opens up a stylist’s ability to sell additional products.

With items as personal as jewelry and accessories, a verbal or written description may not be enough. It is the combination of this information with an image that can make or break a sale. Therefore, the stylists have found that tablet commerce is their way to expand on the number of items that the customers will see. Moreover, the orders can be placed right away, instead of having to wait until the stylist returns home and accesses his or her computer.

The company’s research has determined that among all of the devices being used by the stylists, it is the iPads that are the biggest hit at parties. That said, the new site is not exclusive to those device users.

Beyond the stylists, individual customers make up between 10 and 20 percent of the remainder of the traffic to the website. Thirty percent of that traffic stems from mobile devices, but 80 percent of that is from tablet commerce consumers.

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