New report shows m-commerce sales to quadruple in 4 years

Mobile Commerce Growth

A new report by eMarketer is showing that by the year 2015, sales in mobile commerce will increase by four times. According to Jeffrey Grau, principal analyst for the firm, there is no doubt that m-commerce is growing exceptionally rapidly, and that the mobile channel itself behaves as an overall e-commerce growth engine, “by converting potential brick-and-mortar sales to digital sales as consumers use their smartphones while shopping in-store.” The report showed that m-commerce sales this year will reach the $6.8 billion mark, as approximately 26.8 million mobile device users…

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China to lead the world in mobile commerce, says ABI Research

China Mobile payments technology commerce

China is on the verge of a mobile commerce explosion, according to a new study from ABI Research. The technology market intelligence firm released a report yesterday showing that China could surpass $8 billion in mobile payments by 2014. This would put the nation far ahead of others in terms of contactless payments. The rapid growth of NFC-driven commerce may be due to the single-minded pursuit of NFC technology in China. The progress toward electronic transactions has been slow in the West. Several companies, including Google and Nokia, have been…

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Survey indicates m-commerce will become mainstream by 2015

Mobile Commerce optimization

A survey entitled “2011 KPMG Mobile Payments Outlook” has suggested that by the year 2015, using mobile payments by way of smartphones enabled with a near field communications (NFC) chip will become a mainstream form of transaction. This conclusion was made after 83 percent of the survey’s participants, which were comprised of 1,000 business executives around the world, stated that they felt that mobile wallets used via NFC-powered smartphones would become mainstream within that time. Currently, only 9 percent view mobile transactions as mainstream. That said, 46 percent of the…

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Mobile commerce may be years away from mainstream acceptance

For all the hype surrounding the emerging mobile commerce industry, it is still considered something of a novelty amongst consumers. Driven by NFC technology, the industry is not lacking in terms of innovation or promise, but the companies participating limited field tests of mobile payment platforms have been met with lackluster results. The problems may be due to the limitation in mobile technology, as few smart phones are equipped with NFC chips. While several new phones and mobile devices are being released with such capabilities, business executives from around the…

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Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology Baffles Consumers

Near Field Communications News

According to a new YouGov survey, consumers are still in the dark about the new NFC mobile technology that features “wave and play” usability. This research study showed that among consumers, 91 percent had not even heard of near field communications (NFC), let alone knew what it did. This technology is designed to allow customers to make purchases at a point-of-sale, such as a cashier’s counter, by way of a mobile device such as a cellular phone. That said, the study also showed, that 70 percent of consumers have also…

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