Respect is central to successful mobile marketing

How to Mobile Marketing

Experts on the emerging strategies for mobile marketing are discovering that respect, consideration, and courtesy are vital to avoiding alienating consumers. Acceleration Media managing director Diane Charton stated in a report that the increase in mobile devices that are internet capable has altered the way that people use their cell phones over the last few years. She stated that though it does provide greater opportunities for companies to communicate with their prospective customers, it is also very important that they be careful to create interaction with their customers, not…

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SMS marketing faces a challenging future

SMS Marketing

Frustrated consumers are becoming immune to many SMS marketing techniques… due to spamming and other overuse techniques – leading marketers who use this method to wonder what the future holds for this type of market communication. Though SMS marketing has not been around for a long time when compared with other forms of advertising, branding, and promotions, it has rapidly come to the point that consumers are frustrated with it and are no longer paying attention to a large percentage of the messages that they receive. Due to spamming and…

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