Respect is central to successful mobile marketing

How to Mobile Marketing

How to Mobile Marketing
Experts on the emerging strategies for mobile marketing are discovering that respect, consideration, and courtesy are vital to avoiding alienating consumers.

Acceleration Media managing director Diane Charton stated in a report that the increase in mobile devices that are internet capable has altered the way that people use their cell phones over the last few years. She stated that though it does provide greater opportunities for companies to communicate with their prospective customers, it is also very important that they be careful to create interaction with their customers, not interruptions.

She explained that people are now bringing their cell phones with them everywhere. For this reason, she explained that mobile marketers have to be cautious that they don’t “alienate customers and prospects by sending them SMS messages at inconvenient times or by sending so many messages that they become annoying.”

CEO of Acceleration Media, Tony Sousa, added to Charton’s comments, saying that there are several ways that companies can move ahead of SMS in order to build on their mobile marketing strategies. For example, companies can generate traffic through the use of quick response codes, but should further control the building of the mobile internet in order to spread the word about their sites using SEO techniques.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Content that has been carefully search engine optimized with a local focus will assist marketers in ensuring that their companies remain visible to the mobile search audience nearby without potentially becoming a nuisance.

Recent research results regarding Google use through mobile devices has shown that among smartphone users, 77 percent use search engines on a regular basis, so they should be considered a vital element of un-intrusive mobile marketing.

How To Mobile Marketing

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