CES 2016: Okto wearable technology shrinks a smartwatch into a ring

OKTO smart ring wearable technology CES 2016

Despite the massive crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show, these tiny wearables stood out. In the world of wearable technology, smartwatches have become the main gadgets for connecting a wearer to his or her smartphone by way of a tiny screen, but the CES 2016 has shown that wearables can get even smaller. Though this smart ring is anything but dainty, it still manages to act like a smartwatch worn on a finger. The OKTO ring claims to be the first ring that allows you to place and receive calls…

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Wearable technology is made beautiful for a female market

ringly wearable technology

A new gadget project called Ringly is now bringing higher fashion to this tech. A wearable technology ring called Ringly has just been launched, with the intention to appeal to the female demographic with the choice of several stones and with its 18k gold plating. This ring provides its wearer with a discreet notification of when she has received a call or a text. The concept behind the Ringly is that it combines wearable technology with the everyday accessories that are already being worn by women. This allows these consumers…

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Wearable technology is the new Ring you want on your finger

Wearable Technology - smart Ring

Could these new wearables form the marriage that stands the test of time? You’ve heard of smartwatches, but the wearable technology involved in these wrist bands and straps is now getting smaller, in the form of rings that can put the power of your mobile devices on your finger. Ring, a brand new product, is hoping to bring wearables and gesture technology together. This simply titled wearable technology product helps to provide its wearers with a shortcut to just about everything that they need to do on their mobile devices…

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