Wearable technology is made beautiful for a female market

ringly wearable technology

A new gadget project called Ringly is now bringing higher fashion to this tech.

A wearable technology ring called Ringly has just been launched, with the intention to appeal to the female demographic with the choice of several stones and with its 18k gold plating.

This ring provides its wearer with a discreet notification of when she has received a call or a text.

The concept behind the Ringly is that it combines wearable technology with the everyday accessories that are already being worn by women. This allows these consumers to be able to take advantage of what the tech has to offer without having to sacrifice the style that they wish to wear, matching the outfits that they have chosen. This is a response to what the creators feel is a need in this new sector of the industry, as many wearables, at the moment, still have an overall sci-fi look.

The founder of Ringly said that this wearable technology also helped to overcome a problem she personally experienced.

According to Christina Mercando, the cofounder of Ringly, “It started with me being frustrated from leaving my phone in my purse and missing a bunch of calls and texts…It turns out a lot of other people have a similar problem.” The type of jewelry available by Ringly is in the form of four different gold plated rings. The ring is essentially the same, but with the wearer’s choice of stone that vibrate and light up in order to alert the wearer to a call or text.

The other cofounder of the product, Logan Munro, worked with Mercando to try to incorporate all of the technology – from the motor and LED to the Bluetooth LE and accelerometer – into the jewelry in as discreet a way as possible. He said that “We were going for something that was simple, classic, something that a lot of women could get behind…It’s so small and discreet that people wouldn’t know the technology is there.”

This wearable technology is connected to a smartphone through the Ringly app. That application is available for both iPhones and mobile devices based on Android. The customer is able to customize the ways in which she wishes to receive notifications, such as vibration patterns, blinking lights, and the types of activity that will cause a notification to occur.

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