Samsung mobile security gets a boost with former US Department of Defense CIO

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The South Korean consumer electronics giant has hired the security heavyweight, say recent reports. Former Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen, of the U.S. Department of Defense, is now an executive vice president boosting Samsung mobile security. The company reported the new hire to its mobile division over official channels. Halvorsen was with the Department of Defense until February 2017, after which time he retired from his position. Media speculation suggests Halvorsen will provide considerable Samsung mobile security support as the company expands its presence in that arena within the United…

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Mobile security platform flaws discovered at Samsung Knox

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This means that the protection that it is meant to provide phones isn’t as solid as previously expected. The Knox mobile security architecture from Samsung provides a standard smartphone environment in addition to a secure container which is meant to boost the protection level of the device. A vital flaw within that platform has now been identified which could be seriously problematic. This mobile security platform issue can make it possible for data communications to be easily intercepted between the external world and the Knox secure container. This includes emails,…

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Mobile security for Android boosted by Samsung Knox

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The handset maker is looking to enhance the management and safety of the data in their devices. A growing number of smartphone and tablet makers are each concentrating their efforts on the mobile security and data and apps management that is provided through the use of their devices. It has just been discovered that Samsung is making a massive play in this arena. New improvements to mobile security could prove to be critical to the success of several parts of the smartphone ecosystem as the devices are used for a…

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