Chinese president pushes for global COVID QR code

Global COVID QR Code - World - Mask - QR Code

Xi Jinping may be facing an uphill battle in convincing the world to use a barcoded tracking system. Chinese President Xi Jinping is encouraging other world leaders to implement a global COVID QR code system comparable to the one his country rolled out months ago. The goal would be to help fast-track international business and travel even as the pandemic continues. Earlier this year, China required the use of QR codes in a color-coded public access system in its cities. It has been credited with being a major tool in…

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Creative Mood Tracking 2D Code Campaign

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, people are always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to implement advances in the field. QR codes, though already decades old, are garnering acclaim for their ability to foster an interactive experience between businesses and consumers. Retailers have begun using the codes to measure consumer participation and reception to their various campaigns. As the popularity of smart phones rises, so too does that of the codes. Best Buy is among many retailers that are utilizing QR codes. Unlike other companies, however,…

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