QR code grave stones keep a person’s story alive

qr code grave stones

A cemetery in Bad Oyenhausen, Germany is installing quick response codes to preserve history. The administrator for a cemetery in Bad Oyenhausen, a riverside spa town in northwest Germany, is installing QR code grave stones. The purpose of the quick response codes is to help preserve the stories of the deceased. These smartphone friendly barcodes will provide visitors with more information about those buried in the cemetery. The process of bringing the QR code grave stones to the cemetery came with surprising challenges. When it comes to altering burial markers,…

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QR codes worked into Chinese tombstones

QR codes gravestone

Information about the deceased individual can now be obtained through the scanning of a barcode. Chinese mourners now have a new way to remember their loved ones who have passed on by scanning QR codes that are displayed on tombstones. These barcodes will allow the family members of deceased people to memorialize the individual online. Through the use of QR codes that are displayed on a tombstone, smartphone users can scan and learn more about the individual’s past and what they did while they were alive. This new high tech…

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QR codes to be used on Wyuka Cemetery grave markers

qr codes remembering a loved one

These barcodes will be found on tombstones at the Lincoln location. It has just been released that grave stones in the Wyuka Cemetery, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, will feature QR codes that will allow visitors to scan and discover more about the people who are buried there. Quick response codes have started popping up in burial sites all over the world. The popularity of QR codes for a broad spectrum of different purposes – including everything from memorial sites to magazine ads – has encouraged this cemetery to join the…

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