Printed QR codes help keep construction equipment renters in Sweden safe

printed qr codes business

Byggmaskiner-Gruppen Sverige has launched a quick response code label printing machine to boost operator safety. Swedish construction machine rental company, Byggmaskiner-Gruppen Sverige, is now using printed QR codes to reduce the risk of construction site accidents. The company worked with MCS – a British software developer – and the Swedish Rental Association (SRA) to create this system. The company now uses quick response codes to provide machine operators with helpful safety information. The company claims that its MCS-rm rental solution makes it the first Swedish firm to completely comply with…

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Youtap QR codes roll out in new mobile payments system

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These quick response codes are meant to make it easier for consumers to scan to complete transactions. In an effort to carve out a bigger mobile payments presence in Asia and Africa, Youtap QR codes are rolling out in those regions. The idea is to make it possible for payment transactions to be accelerated by way of quick response code scans. The New Zealand based company is already offering mobile payments platforms and apps in Asia and Africa. The new Youtap QR codes are designed to expand on the existing…

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QR Codes For Transit Systems

QR Codes used for transportation

It seems that there is no end to what the humble little QR code can accomplish. From protecting autistic children to preserving knowledge for future generations to enabling us to shop from our mobile devices, this diminutive square filled with dashes and dots is changing the world around us. And its latest conquest is transit. Yes, the QR Code is making changes to how the residents of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, will ride the bus. Introducing OC Transpo Some of you may be shrugging your shoulders, saying “Who cares about some…

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QR codes may help save print

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

QR codes could be a useful tool to the print industry It is no secret that the print industry has struggled in the advent of technology. The Internet has made it exceedingly easier for consumers to get their hands on various forms of media they might find interesting. Mobile technology has put excessive strain on books, newspapers, and magazines as these traditional forms of media struggle to connect with consumers that are tethered to smartphones and tablets. What has been a major thorn in the side of the print industry…

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QR codes with nearly invisible design created by Visulead

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

The Israeli startup has just announced its smartphone friendly barcode that “fades” the typical appearance. Ad and graphic designers may just sigh a breath of relief as they hear the news that an Israeli startup called Visulead has produced QR codes with an appearance that “fades” the standard appearance. This new technology is designed to help to beautify the appearance of the barcodes. The popularity of QR codes among marketers and smartphone users is rapidly growing due to their cost effectiveness and because they can be scanned by these very…

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