QR codes may help save print

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

QR Codes Used in booksQR codes could be a useful tool to the print industry

It is no secret that the print industry has struggled in the advent of technology. The Internet has made it exceedingly easier for consumers to get their hands on various forms of media they might find interesting. Mobile technology has put excessive strain on books, newspapers, and magazines as these traditional forms of media struggle to connect with consumers that are tethered to smartphones and tablets. What has been a major thorn in the side of the print industry may also be its salvation, however, as the print industry begins to turn to QR codes.

Smart Books leverage QR codes to engage readers

Publications International, a leading independent publisher, has unveiled its new Smart Books. These books are designed with interactivity in mind and represent a bridge between old and new media. QR codes are used in these Smart Books to offer readers a more engaging experience. These books are expected to appeal especially to younger consumers who have been growing up steeped in mobile technology.

Codes can be scanned to access digital content

The QR codes in each Smart Book can be scanned by a mobile device to access videos, puzzles, and other kinds of engaging digital content. Each Smart Book will have more than 200 dynamic activities for users to unlock through the use of QR codes. Publications International expects that the Smart Books will be more than just entertainment platforms, as there may be several educational implications through the use of dynamic and interactive content.

Interactive technology may end up saving the print industry

The print industry has long been looking for a way to engage consumers in a more meaningful fashion. Many consumers are beginning to favor reading books and other media on their smartphones and tablets. QR codes may help attract consumer attention to traditional print media without requiring them to abandon mobile technology in any significant way. Interactive technology may be the tool the print industry needs to overcome the struggles it has been faced with over the past several years.

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