Mobile commerce is getting bigger on Facebook pages

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

The social network has altered its mobile app to help to boost the ability of businesses to build shopping opportunities. Facebook is currently changing some of the features in its app in order to boost the appeal to businesses that are interested in creating mobile commerce storefronts within their regular pages. The latest design change provides businesses with the chance to create a call to action at the top of each page. That call to action gives businesses the chance to encourage visitors to click in order to visit a…

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Deciding between web apps and native apps for an m-commerce strategy

Mobile Website vs Mobile App

Though mobile commerce still hasn’t reached levels that are anywhere near what e-commerce has achieved so far, this year has shown that there is tremendous potential in m-commerce but that the surface of it has barely been scratched. Large online businesses from Amazon to eBay are funneling billions of dollars every year into their mobile commerce efforts, including mobile websites and apps. Research conducted by Performics, a marketing firm, showed that 49 percent of individuals who use the mobile web heavily have already made at least one purchase using their…

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