Chick-fil-A uses mobile phones to promote family togetherness

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The fast food chain now has a “Cell Phone Coop” box as a part of a campaign to encourage people to spend time together. Chick-fil-A has now started a new family togetherness campaign that is meant to help people to stop distracting themselves with their mobile phones throughout a meal and pay attention to each other, instead. The new “Cell Phone Coop” is meant to encourage people to tuck mobile devices away during meals. The company has noticed how many families continue to use their mobile phones during the length…

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How to get started in mobile marketing

How to get into mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has reached the point of explosion, and it is now perfectly clear to most marketers and businesses that taking part in it and using its techniques is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. What isn’t quite as obvious is how to get started and how a marketer should guide a business into the channel for the first time. What are those critical first steps that should be taken from having absolutely no mobile presence, to easing in the door and then taking off for the best successes?…

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Top recommendations for the local-mobile return of pay per call

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Pay per call is a service that gives marketers the ability to pay a flat fee for every call that results from a campaign or ad, and though it had shriveled over the years, the mobile explosion has made it likely that the advertising technique will come back with a vengeance in 2012. Local search is no longer limited to laptops and desktop computers, but is now working its way into the mobile universe, too, as consumers increase their reliance on their smartphones and tablet computers. Marketers are recommending that…

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Top car manufacturers have failed to benefit from the full potential of mobile

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Technology performance company, Compuware Corporation, has unveiled its new U.S. Automotive Mobile Site Performance Index, which has shown that every one of the 23 mobile-optimized websites from the top auto manufacturers has shown to perform poorly on mobile devices. In August, the load time speeds for these sites ranged from 6.0 seconds to 18.7 seconds. A recent survey of customers indicated that when a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to download, 60 percent of these device users become frustrated and will abandon that site in favor of another…

Read More announces its mobile website’s official launch Mobile Site has announced that it has officially launched, its new mobile website. This is the latest in the company’s moves to maintain its current position as a top site in the online home décor industry. With the addition of this new mobile site, customers of are able to access the complete collection of over 60,000 decorative ceramic tiles and oil painting reproductions using their mobile devices with smaller screens. According to’s CEO, David Sasson, the company was responding to statistics such as the July 2011 Nielson report,…

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