Top recommendations for the local-mobile return of pay per call

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
Pay per call is a service that gives marketers the ability to pay a flat fee for every call that results from a campaign or ad, and though it had shriveled over the years, the mobile explosion has made it likely that the advertising technique will come back with a vengeance in 2012.

Local search is no longer limited to laptops and desktop computers, but is now working its way into the mobile universe, too, as consumers increase their reliance on their smartphones and tablet computers.

Marketers are recommending that if a company or brand hasn’t yet taken local search into consideration for their mobile strategy, they may want to begin thinking about the following:

• Make it simple to find your contact phone number – make it very easy to see or find on every page of a mobile listing/website/ad, so that an additional click isn’t required. Otherwise, many consumers will simply move on to another company that has contact information that is faster to obtain.

• Created a mobile optimized web presence – smartphones and tablets have smaller screens and their users don’t want to have to wait for results. Make sure that you have a mobile optimized website that caters to the smaller sized display and slower loading speeds. Make your message clear and concise to simplify purchase decisions.

• Create actionable content – offer your site viewers content that will bring them to the next step, such as store locations, links to directions and maps, phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. This will help a user to take immediate action instead of having to wait to find out what they need.

• Keep your local search strategy the same for mobile – there is no need to repurpose, as mobile needs targeted, defined, and concise content.

• Measure and analyze – use your mobile data to help to better optimize your marketing efforts over mobile.

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