New mobile payments service coming to Japan

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MasterCard unveils new mobile payments venture in Japan Mobile payments are attracting strong interest in Japan. Consumers in the country appear to be very open to the idea of mobile commerce and have shown comfort with shopping online via their mobile devices. Indeed, the demand for mobile commerce services in Japan is on the rise and MasterCard is looking to answer the call. MasterCard has teamed with C-SAM and DNP in order to launch a new mobile payments platform that is based on NFC technology. White label platform may be…

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Mobile payments venture from Isis to go nationwide

isis mobile wallet

The joint venture among wireless companies has been extremely slow to get off the ground. The Isis mobile payments digital wallet, a joint venture among wireless giants T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, has finally announced that it is ready to roll out its service nationwide, after having run long pilot programs in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas. The pilot program for Isis has run over a massive period of nine months within those two cities. According to the CEO of the mobile payments wallet venture, Michael Abbot, “Over the…

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Mobile payments platform rolls out in Kuwait

Mobile payments platform

The program is meant to start there but is looking to expand throughout the rest of the region. Among the most challenging goals for startups in the Arab region to start selling online is choosing the right online and mobile payments platform, leading to many attempts to improve the system. There have been a number of efforts to try to create a successful gateway within that region. A primary part of that effort was to try to simplify the types of services that are already available online and available for…

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Chunghwa Telecom delays launch of mobile payments service

Mobile Payments Delay

Company announces launch of promising mobile payments service Chunghwa Telecom, the largest mobile service provider in Taiwan, has been gearing up for the launch of its ambitious mobile payments service that combines the capabilities of QR codes and NFC technology. The service is meant to bring new options to consumers that are interested in shopping via their smartphones and tablets. While the service has been lauded as a major step forward toward a new future of commerce, Chunghwa Telecom has pumped the brakes on this initiative, delaying its official launch. Service…

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Mobile payments trial launched by Far EasTone

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The new pilot program is being launched by the third largest telecom operator in Taiwan. Far EasTone Telecommunications, Co., the third biggest telecom operator in Taiwan, has just announced that it is launching a trial mobile payments project in the country that will use NFC technology. The announcement included the fact that they intend to have the trial up and going by the second half of 2013. The first phase of the mobile payments pilot project will begin in this year’s third quarter. It will function in conjunction with the…

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