Mobile health technology offers SIDS protection to newborns

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A recent study showed smartphone tech can assist parents in sudden infant death syndrome prevention. Researchers at the University of Virginia, Yale University and Boston University have determined that mobile health technology may help parents save their newborns’ lives. The researchers conducted a study using mobile tech to support parents in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related death risks in their babies. The mhealth technology used only the most basic mobile phone functions to help educate parents. Participants in the study received texts from hospitals to…

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Mobile health study launched by Nestlé and Medidata partnership

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The goal of the research is to determine the impact of fitness and nutrition on healthy aging adults. Global leader in cloud-based solutions for life sciences clinical research, Medidata, has now partnered with Nestlé in order to be able to conduct a large scale mobile health clinical trial on the healthy aging population. Nestlé will be using the Medidata cloud technology platform and unified mhealth solutions to conduct its research. The mobile health research is being held in China and will be conducted over a period of two years as…

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Mobile health devices in exam rooms don’t bother patients

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Doctors had been concerned that using these gadgets would bring about fears for personal privacy. For some time now, doctors have had their worries about using technology in order to keep electronic medical records, but it appears as though patents do not feel that same barrier about using mobile health devices and techniques in exam rooms. A new survey conducted by Nuance has revealed that patients welcome the use of mobile gadgets. Among the reasons that the voice recognition tech company behind the survey found that patients found mobile health…

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Mhealth apps face heavy scrutiny by young adult users

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This demographic appears to be picker about the applications that they will use for their health. According to an article that was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, mhealth app developers should take several valued characteristics and features into consideration as they create their products, particularly when they want young adults to be willing to use them. The reason is that young adults are far more selective about the apps of this nature that they will use. The article explained that “There is increasing interest from academics and…

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