Mobile payments claims by Rogers called false by PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

The telecom company had stated that it was launching the first service of its kind in Canada. A mobile payments battle has developed between Rogers Communications and PayPal, as the latter has alleged that the former’s claims about being the first to offer this service in Canada is untrue. The new Rogers and CIBC service, Suretap, will be the first to use near field communication technology. That is true, as it is the first time that a mobile payments system will be using NFC technology in that country. However, Rogers…

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Mobile payments companies expect to benefit from frustration of retailers

Mobile Payments Industry

Traditional credit card companies are aggravating merchants who are turning toward alternatives. Retailers may be looking to mobile payments as an alternative to traditional transactions, having clearly had enough with Visa and MasterCard, as merchants recently refused to accept a settlement in the lawsuit that is currently accusing these credit card giants of working together to set fees for their services. PayPal is an important indicator of how retailer outrage is becoming a driver of alternatives. Investors are currently keeping a close watch on PayPal’s owners, eBay, to see how…

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Hungarian innovation to integrate bank card into handsets makes their debut: MasterCard selected Cellum

Mobile Commerce Budapest

PRESS RELEASE: Budapest; The new technology developed by Cellum allows using mobile telephones as MasterCard bank cards in Hungary. Hungary is the first country in Europe to implement the new technology, and the launch in Hungary is, at the same time, the European debut of the application. Thanks to the cooperation with multinational partner MasterCard, Cellum can now enter the world market with its application available on four platforms **(iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, SIM). * Mobile telephones have long been offering voice, image and text transmission services. As the next…

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How mobile marketers will be using mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet

Near field communication (NFC) technology has made it possible for a smartphone user to combine all of his or her credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and even discount coupons in a single secure location so that they can all be conveniently carried all the time within the one device. The NFC technology allows users to leave their physical wallets at home and bring their mobile wallets with them wherever they go as long as they have their smartphones with them. Then, when they reach a checkout counter, they need…

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What is contactless payments and how will it make my life easier?!

How Does Mobile Payments Work

Near field communications (NFC) is a technology that has the potential to create a great deal of convenience to keep all of the different forms of identification that we need on a regular basis all easily accessible and in the same place. NFC is a form of contactless credential technology that can make a mobile device act as credit cards, debit cards, and even points and loyalty cards, or other types of identification such as a driver’s license. It promises to one day provide us with the chance to use…

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