Mobile commerce is taking a larger share of online shopping

mobile commerce trends

Purchasing and making buying decisions over smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly common. According to the latest study results issued by comScore and The Partnering Group based on data collected and analyzed since June, 55 percent of all online shopping began with mobile commerce over a smartphone or tablet in some way. The findings underscore the way in which shopping is heading in an increasingly small screen direction. The results of the data analysis has underscored the importance of mobile commerce and that the world is moving increasingly in that…

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Mobile commerce is becoming an important part of online shopping

Mobile Commerce sales

A commentary from Turner Investments has shown that smartphones are growing in importance when people shop. Consumer analysts from Turner Investments have reported that mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important as an element of overall shopping online and that companies that optimize and take part in the smartphone and tablet friendly experience could benefit from this effort. Consumers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse their favorite stores. The latest Turner Investments Sector Focus commentary has revealed that some consumer companies are looking to take advantage of what mobile…

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