Mobile payments trends are seeing growth held back by biometrics

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The technology to scan various body parts such as eyes and fingerprints may be too challenging to keep up. While it had looked as though mobile payments trends might have the potential to take off with rapid growth as more consumers look to their smartphones to replace their use of credit and debit cards, adoption has essentially flat-lined. This, despite the fact that industry giants such as Samsung and Apple have leapt into the market. Even with the best efforts of some of the largest tech giants in the world,…

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Mobile payments through biometrics could lead to billions in transactions

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According to some technology experts, the potential boost in security will make this shopping more appealing to consumers. One of the main issues that has held mobile payments from achieving its true potential has been a hesitation from consumers due to the fact that they are afraid that their personal and sensitive data will not be kept secure if they make a purchase through the use of their smartphones (either online or in a brick and mortar store). Now, a research consultancy thinks that as biometrics become more commonplace, so…

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