Facebook augmented reality ads let consumers digitally try on products

Facebook augmented reality ads starts with sunglasses - rack of sunglasses

Advertisers now have a new way to show off their products on Facebook. Facebook augmented reality ads isn’t just a rumor. Earlier this week, the social media giant announced that it is implementing augmented reality ads into the News Feed. These ads will give Facebook users the chance to digitally try on products. In new ad feature was demoed at an even earlier this week. At a New York City event that took place on Tuesday, July 10th, TY Ahmad-Taylor, the vice president of product marketing for Facebook’s global marketing…

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Michael Kors is taking the wearable technology leap

wearable technology brain scanning

John Idol, the CEO of the brand, has said that more details will be announced in the “next few months”. The Michael Kors fashion label – likely best recognized for its MK print handbags – has now announced that it intends to start making its way into the wearable technology category, and it plans to start making announcements of the specifics for those products within the “next few months.” The announcement of the Michael Kors entry into wearables was made to analysts by the CEO. According to CEO John Idol,…

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