Apple Watch battery is holding back the future of these wearables

Apple watch wearable technology app

The wearable technology is struggling to move forward without enough juice to power it. The next generation of wearable technology from the iPhone maker won’t operate independently of the smartphone as the Apple watch battery capacity remains too small. Reports suggest that Apple is struggling to add cellular support features to its wearables. The problem is that the smartwatch battery capacity is restricting its potential for complex features. The initial report came from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. He is a reporter known for providing solid news on upcoming Apple products…

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The smartphone battery life secret was in your shower all along!

Smartphone battery life Computer cable and plug makes battery logo with lightening bolt battery pack

Scientists have found that loofah sponge carbon material could make lithium batteries last longer. In today’s lifestyle, we rely on our smartphone battery life to get us through each day. We use our mobile devices for everything from communication to learning or even just checking the time. However, as much as we are scraping by, better batteries are always needed. Technology growth requires that we give ourselves better rechargeable lithium batteries for our gadgets. As a result, scientists around the world are scrambling to find the next big thing in…

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Smartphone battery technology that lasts for life accidentally found by scientists

smartphone battery technology picture of scientists in lab

Researchers have discovered a nanowire-based material that will allow for hundreds of thousands of recharges. Scientists in California have now come up with a type of smartphone battery technology material that uses nanowires and that can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times before wearing out. This opens up the potential for new computer and mobile device batteries that could last a lifetime. In fact, while many consumers would be able to benefit from this discovery as a smartphone battery technology, the fact is that it may also have applications…

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Wearable technology could soon be powered by a thread-like lithium ion battery

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

This power source has been described as somewhat similar to yarn, and could replace current forms of battery. According to some of the latest power source tech discoveries, the next batteries to be produced for wearable technology could be less like the forms that we currently recognize and more in the form of a lithium ion yarn like threading. These very small and flexible electronics could become the next generation of smart clothes wearables. It could also help to solve some of the issues that are currently faced by the…

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