First responders receive wearable technology accelerator boost

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The Department of Homeland Security is moving closer to launching wearables for first responders. TechNexus has now released an announcement that has revealed that it has chosen thirteen different companies for participation in the DHS EMERGE! Program, which has been created in order to boost the rate of development of hardware and wearable technology when it comes to first responders. This group of people includes a range of different types of position, from emergency medical techs to law enforcement. TechNexus is one among the two different accelerators that were selected…

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Augmented reality goggles could help law enforcement solve crimes

Augmented Reality

Mobile technology has been advancing at a rapid pace in recent years. While technologies like QR codes and augmented reality are mostly used by advertisers, they are beginning to get a great deal of attention in the world of forensics. Researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have designed a pair of goggles that use augmented reality to help crime scene investigators find clues in their environment. While the goggles are only at the prototype stage, they could prove to be a major boon for investigators in…

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U.S. courts wrestle with legality of using mobile device location data to track criminals

Mobile Privacy Issues

Congress and courts across the country are working to understand the balance between a criminal’s right to privacy and the need of law enforcement to be able to locate criminals, as they debate over the use of global positioning systems (GPS), which are a technology commonly found in most new mobile phones and other devices, for tracking criminals. In Maryland, U.S. District Judge Susan K. Gauvey, has denied federal authorities a warrant that they were seeking in order to locate a suspect through the use of the GPS data in…

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