Instagram implements product tagging in US posts

Product tagging - IG post

The new feature means that accounts no longer need to be for businesses or creators to add the links. Instagram has announced that it has opened its product tagging feature for all users posting in the United States. That means that it isn’t only be business or creator accounts that can use the feature. According to Instagram, the feature is going to be rolling out to everyone “over the next few months.” This will turn Instagram into a platform in which every post can be turned into something shoppable and…

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Instagram Daily Time Limit option minimum quietly triples

Daily Time Limit - Instagram

The Meta photo-sharing social platform just made it impossible to restrict usage to under 30 minutes. At a time when Meta has been reporting slowing growth on its platforms, it appears to have quietly tripled the Instagram minimum Daily Time Limit user-selected usage restrictions. Though the minimum amount of time that used to be available was 10 minutes, it is now 30 minutes. As a result, the Daily Time Limit won’t issue a reminder to Instagram users about their usage until at least a half hour has passed. In fact,…

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Instagram encourages teens to take a social media break

Social media break - IG app

The platform has rolled out new safety features ahead of testifying before US lawmakers. Immediately before the head of the company was slated to face US lawmakers on the subject of child safety online, Instagram launched a new feature to encourage teens to take a social media break from the platform. This feature has been rolled out in a number of different countries including the United States and Canada. The Take a Break program was created to tell teen users to take a social media break when they’ve been using…

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